Plumber makes $100k in 6 months…

I just got through reading a testimonial in our MTTB Support Group, from a Plumber that joined in the program about 6 months ago.
6 months up till today, and he's already brought in a tidy 6 figures.
That's just an amazing feat in such a short period of time!
And again, the fact is, he was a "licensed plumber" before he got his start. Not some marketing whiz.
And really, this is the most important thing he did...
Something most can't get themselves to do.
He could have just as easily came up with a lot of plumber "buts", you could say:

  • But I have no experience online...
  • But what if I fail...
  • But I don't know what to do next...
  • But I have little technical or sales experience...
  • And on the "buts" go...

There's a nice book by a guy named Sean Stephensen called "Get Off Your But".
This guy has a condition where when he was younger, if he even sneezed, he'd break multiple bones.
He could have came up with endless "buts" to live a life of limit and misery.
Instead, he didn't make excuses. He went out and did the things that he wanted to, and he's achieved massive success in all areas of his life.
What about you?

  • Experience doesn't matter.
  • Age doesn't matter.
  • Timing doesn't matter.

What matters is that you get off your "but" and take your life by the horns and lead it to wherever you want to go.
And if you'd like to get results like I mentioned in today's email, you can follow the exact same steps and leverage the identical system that he did.
You can get started right here:
Hope you have an incredible day, wherever it takes you!

Market Sophistication - Do you do this?

Hey, I hope your day is going well.

Today, I wanted to talk with you briefly about something called Market Sophistication.

It's CRITICAL that you get this.

90% don't.

It should totally dictate how you talk to your target market however.

And with a little thought, you'll see that likely, you should be talking a wee bit differently to them than you may currently be.

This can be the difference between a business that loses money and one that's profitable.

So the question is: How sophisticated is your marketplace?

And are you speaking with them in congruence with that?

For example: Let's say that you're selling a weight-loss product.

How do you think you'd do putting together a product called "Lose Weight!"?

You've got the product bundled with a nice PDF, fancy videos, the works...

Most likely, you'd be lucky to get just a few sales!


Because that marketplace is much more sophisticated than that.

You just can't come at it with generic information.

So you expand, how to lose weight fast without dieting, drop 10 lbs in 10 days with juicing etc...

Or say you're teaching people how to make an income online.

Most of your target market will need much more info than just promises to "make money online", showing fancy checks or stats of your earnings just won't cut it anymore, and having a few testimonials sprinkled on your site will do very little for you.

4-5 years ago, sure, this could work for you like crazy.

But again, the market is too sophisticated for that now.

You need to go deeper, you need to take things to the next level. You need to be more strategic.

90% of marketers online don't do this.

They get it all wrong.

And the few that get it right?

Well, they stand out far above the rest. And they've got killer results to show for it as well.

That's what you want.

Avoid the hype and basic claims you see the others showing. Zig where they Zag.

Create something epic, be on the up and up about it all, and provide amazing value to others -without all the old school hype, and you'll do amazingly well.

Ignore my advice here at your own Peril.

Knowing market sophistication can help fuel your business to new levels of profits.

And if you need an engine to put this fuel into, check this out:


It's superior and different than anything else you'll see out there.

And that's probably why it's working so well for so many partners right now.


Avoid being an “opportunity seeker” like the PLAGUE!

It's summertime for much of the world right now...

And whether you are planning a trip to the beach, or something else fun, it's a time of the year when many start to pick up books to read.

According to statistics that we can get from places such as the Amazon Kindles technology, it turns out that most people never get past the first 1 to 2 chapters.

That's a shame, because books can change lives.

People have great "plans" to read every book they pick up, but they allow other things to take priority.

They get busy, distracted, and many people are getting shorter and shorter attention spans, where they'd just rather watch some braincell killing T.V. for a few hours each day.

Now, not only does this same thing happen in the online business space, but I believe it's even worse.

We're inundated with emails and the marketing of new products each day.

It's almost like we're able to walk the isles of our favorite bookstore, reading all of the covers, yet, right from our home.

And it's VERY easy to hit that "Buy Now" button, wouldn't you agree!?

Especially when the claims are ones that often excite the heck out of us and have the potential to change our lives.

But alas, most people will buy a boatload of online products, and will never actually go through the course, much less apply anything from it.

It's only when you decide to take real, focused action that things start to happen.

That your stars will start to align.

You can be a buyer...

A reader...

Or a DOER...

You guess which one profits more.

Don't let yourself be an information junkie, or an opportunity seeker.

It's a fools errand that will only end in you being broke and frustrated.

You know what's NOT a fools errand?

Getting serious and signing up with a real business -just like MTTB:


And then by George, actually going through it, and wait... applying what you learn!

Do this, and I promise you, your life will take a strong turn for the better.

So whether you're picking up a new book, or are getting serious about a business like MTTB right now, take the time to finish what you've set out to do.

You can do it.

Talk soon,


The Typical IM Lifestyle Is A LIE?

What image do you conjure up when you think about the "lifestyle" of the successful online business owner? Most of these guys paint a pretty picture of themselves working just a few hours a day.

They're sitting on the beach in Maui with their laptop and mixed drink in hand.

They have a huge home, an expensive car, and they get to do basically anything they want, while their business just seems to keep effortlessly growing on auto-pilot.

But get this...

Most of this is BOGUS!

Many of the top business owners online have come out and said they're workaholics.

They put in 60-80+ hour weeks on average.

Some of them just love this business so much and love making money so much that they wouldn't have it any other way.

And others are barely scraping by from their online earnings, so they're forced to work around the clock.

So why do they paint this much different picture that doesn't portray reality?

Because, they want to "be" the person that personifies YOUR ideal lifestyle.

And most people only want to work a few hours a day, most want fancy homes and cars, most want to work from the beaches of the world.

So they do their best to play up this ideal lifestyle that they believe their customers want themselves.

And, they want to portray that it's not hard to get to their level of success.

  • Auto-pilot...
  • 1-2 hours a day...
  • Easy...
  • Push button...

They know these things appeal to most of us.

And obviously, this type of marketing works. Creating this persona of yourself to use in your marketing.

It works and is used in nearly all industries and has successfully been so for many years.

However, if you want to be successful in this industry, you have to be able to see through it all.

And, you have to realize that anything worthwhile will require some effort.

And that's my main point here today.

This business isn't always as easy for people as it's made to oftentimes appear to be.

Know that the guy telling you that you can work an hour a day and make a million a year, may be putting in 12-16 hour days himself.

Of course, you CAN do this business, if you do it right, and not have to work around the clock.

You can have an amazing, quality lifestyle.

Here's one way how:

Take my friend and mentor Matt Lloyd for example.

He doesn't tell people that he works just an hour a day, and then counts his money the other 23 hrs.

It's quite the opposite.

He let's people know that he works 6-7 days a week, from early morning till late at night, he makes tons of sacrifices for the sake of his company and for his partners...

He's spent years building up his business, making mistakes, tweaking, creating products and getting his business to where it's at today through sheer blood, sweat and tears.

And he's loved mostly every minute of it.

In short though, he's telling you that it's no easy road to get to the next level.

And that's what makes his MTTB system so unique:


He's already done all of the hard work that frankly, most can't, or won't do themselves.

And he's allowing select partners to in essence, license out his entire business, support and sales staff, and get right into a business that's already set-up and ultra profitable.

If you don't want to work countless hours in this business and want to live an incredible lifestyle...

You HAVE to leverage other peoples efforts and systems.

And the MTTB System gives you this in the highest form of leverage possible:


Watch the MTTB presentation.

Follow the Steps.

And profit.

Simple as that.

Curb years of effort with this MTTB system that simply works, if you'll work it.

Have a great one,

Are You Still stuck at $0.00?

Let me ask you -how "set" are you in your daily routines when it comes to your business? For the majority of those failing right now, when you look at what they're doing, they've made everything negotiable.

For the rare bird that wisely plans his day out beforehand, he still fails.


Because it was all negotiable.

He logs in to his email, and starts clicking away, opening up and getting involved in "other peoples" agendas.

He opens up Facebook, reads what's going on in others lives, most of whom he doesn't even know and will never meet in person.

And before he knows it, 15 tabs are opened up on his computer, he's overwhelmed, and get's nothing done that he set out to.

And instead of having a healthy 6-figure income from his online efforts...

He's at $0.00 and is doing more things (although the wrong things) than the successful guys are doing daily.

So how do you get around this?

One, you set in STONE what you need to get done to move you closer towards your goals.

Two, you make it NON-Negotiatble.

It's not up for debate, no further discussion will be entertained, it's non-negotiable that you'll get this done.

Of course, it helps to realize the big stumbling blocks and minimize them as well.

If you're not getting things done that you know you should be, what's preventing you from doing these things?

Is it email?




Are you following too many "gurus"?

Find out what these things are, and box it in. Fit a little timeframe in each day that you can check your email, FB and so forth...

If that doesn't work, then really think and ask yourself if this thing is helping you move closer towards your personal goals or is distancing you from them.

If these things aren't moving you closer towards your goals (and most often they're not), then maybe it's best for you to take drastic measures at this point.

Cut off your hand, as it were. Remove your eye, chop off your leg.

Completely remove that thing that's holding you back.

One of those things that should be Non-Negotiable in your day is marketing.

Building your list up, connecting with people in your industry, adding value and making offers.

And the MORE you can focus in on that, the more MONEY you will make.

The MTTB System makes this super simple:


The hard work has already been done for you, a team will get you large commissions on your behalf, and you can focus on the critical few things that we discussed, which will bring you home the bacon.

Then you can go watch viral cat videos, check your email and do whatever it is that you enjoy.

But make the important things non-negotiable and do them FIRST.





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